Persistence Layer

I've implemented the Persistence Layer using the Scott Ambler's white paper as a design source. You can get developer snapshots from the Download section.

Current implementation has the following features.

  • Encapsulation of the persistence mechanism. You should only call the save, delete, restore methods of your persistent objects and the Persistence Layer will automatically perform an action with your database.
  • Multiple object actions. You can retrieve and delete multiple objects at once.
  • Associations support. When you save delete or update any object you can do the same action with associated objects.
  • Inheritance support. Makes possible to map an inheritance tree to a database schema.
  • Transactions support. You can combine several actions into one transaction and commit or rollback it as a single action.
  • Multiple database support. Different objects can be mapped to different databases.
  • Optimistic and pessimistic locking support
The Persistence Layer has all functionality for a stable release. Now I'll concentrate on testing, code cleaning and documentation.
Artem Rudoy
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